MAY 13-24

SPEAKER - William Green

Willie is a full time motivational speaker and travels worldwide captivating audiences of students and adults alike. Willie was ranked the number one running back on the board in USA NFL. He achieved many accolades while in the NFL including Team MVP and runner up rookie of the year. William learned firsthand that champions don’t give up, they get up!

Video snapshot of an assembly program below with Willie


How long does a session go for?

An assembly program/session can run anywhere from 30min-60mins. We do our best to work in with your school teaching/time periods.

What are the main messages communicated by your speakers?

Most of our speakers share their story where they emphasise resilience, positive choices, anti-bullying, suicide prevention and encouraging students that their past doesn't have to define their future. The promotional videos should give you some insight to what is shared as well as the references from schools on our reference page.

How much does a session cost?

One session is $450 inc. GST. This helps cover costs and gives you world class speakers to help inspire and encourage your students and staff. We never want finance to stop you from holding a session so please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss further if it proves to be an issue.

Do you come to primary schools?

Yes we do. Sessions are best to run for 30mins and are tailored to the younger age group. Grades 4-6 are ideal for their attention span and messages communicated. We are able to work in with your school and what you would like/require.

What do you refer students to after a session if it has brought up things they'd like to talk about?

Our main aim is to ensure we encourage, empower and help positive conversations start after a session, and refer students to speak to their teachers, student welfare coordinators and counsellors.


William Green