Community Meal

At Compass Canteen we desire to connect our community through meals and provide more than just a sit down hot meal. It is a place to connect with the community, a place to serve and build people up.

Through regular contact with our patrons, we provide support through building positive relationships, offering friendship, a listening ear and referrals to other commodity programs. 

With the support of our sponsors and donors, we are able to provide patrons with a sit down meal, groceries (produce, bread and more) as well as take home meals for throughout the week.

Compass Canteen is open Sundays from 1pm-2.30pm.

Thank you to our generous donors:

  • Roseberry House, Bentleigh

  • Noisette Bakery, Bentleigh

  • Hyland Fresh Butchers, Bentleigh

  • Oz Harvest

  • CK Food Bentleigh